At Review Development, our top priority is ensuring we provide an excellent experience for our clients. You are opening your home to us, and it is our responsibilty to take care of you and your space throughout the entire process. 

Check out some of our reviews below:

"Jason is fantastic. He built bookshelves/media center for me and they are far better than I could have imagined. Jason worked with me to make sure the design was perfect before he got to work, including figuring out how to leave my exposed brick wall showing behind the shelves. The project was completed quickly and Jason was on time every day to start. I started referring Jason to friends before he had even finished, and will continue to do so!" - Lucy M.

"Very professional and polite crew. Their work is absolutely amazing. They renovated old built in shelves by adding file drawers and cabinets. I now have a functional office with beautiful built-ins. Jason is collaborative - I enjoyed working with him and his crew. They always left the area clean!" - Mary S.

"We were so impressed with the work Jason Luttrell completed as well as the professionalism and attention to detail. We initially thought we were dealing with a plumbing or HVAC leak that was causing cracks/damage in our hallway ceiling. Jason's initial inspection was very thorough and identified the actual cause of the issue (dryer vent issue), which two other previous technicians had failed to notice. Jason addressed the issue, brought in all the parts, and completed the repairs in a speedy fashion, even using VOC-free paint at our request. No more ceiling damage or leaks, and now our dryer works properly due to the new venting (added bonus!). Definitely recommend Jason Luttrell and his team for home repair projects and design needs." -Carolina C.

"Jason created built-in bookshelves and cabinets along the major wall in my living room. After incorporating my input in the design and construction, Jason got to his meticulous work. He remembered even the smallest details that I never would've thought of from matching the crown molding to a T, running the wooden strip around the bottom of the shelves, and leveling the shelves 1/4 of an inch (something I never noticed was off in the first place). As someone with NO experience in construction, Jason did not take advantage of my lack of knowledge; he even talked me through the process and explained his choices - including putting up a "fake" wooden wall to cover the concrete one in place in order to allow him to run the cords of my TV behind it. Jason also set up my entire entertainment system, which included buying and setting up the high-tech remote. Since finishing the installation, I have wanted a couple of additions or changes (such as including knobs or changing the speaker sound) and Jason has made sure that my needs are met. I recommend Jason to anyone who wants work done - his prices are fair and the quality of work is exceptional. " - Liza E.

"My experience working with Jason and Review Development was outstanding! He is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable about the work he does and the results are amazing. I hired Review Development to complete work in my bathroom and other jobs around my home. The results were amazing and better than I had envisioned! He is not only my first choice for any work I need done but the first one I will highly recommend to others! " -Karen L.

"I called Jason to fix a non-working garbage disposal and to take a look at my stove which wasn't lighting. Jason was able to diagnose the garbage disposal quickly and proceeded to fix it within minutes. He was also able to evaluate and diagnose that the stove wasn't a problem and that I should contact the gas company. I highly recommend Jason for his ability to quickly understand what's going on and ability to explain the issues. " - Alexander I.